Fact vs. Fiction

This page wasn't created on a whim. As you know, there was a municipal election in 2022, and while candidates were on the campaign trail, they heard many things that simply were not accurate. So, we're here now to clear the air on some of those issues. To get started, here are a few we've heard.

Fiction: The building at 350 Prince Charles Drive collapsed because of a sinkhole, flood, quicksand, fire, earthquake, wind storm, etc.

Fact: It is unknown what caused the structural failure at this construction site. The Ministry of Labour is investigating what happened, and until that investigation is complete, speculation about what happened is speculation. If you're curious about the building inspection process, have a listen to Buildings and Inspections: What you Need to Know.

Fiction: Councillors know exactly what is being built before a “Notice of Development Sign” is put up in a neighborhood, but you will not let the people in the neighborhood know.

Fact: City Councillors are notified about Planning Applications at the same time as residents. There may be some instances where Councillors are aware of a proposed development before the public but without an Application submitted it not necessarily public information. Depending on the type of Planning Application, notices are posted in Niagara This Week, the City’s website, and individual notices are sent to property owners within a certain distance of the lands proposed to be developed. Building Permit applications do not require public notification.

Fiction: The historical Welland neighbourhood Stop 19 is being faced with the threat of having their small forest area, which borders the shared Steve Bauer Trail, by developing urban sprawl by greedy corporations.

Fact: The original minor variance application A54-2022 was refused by the Committee of Adjustment and no appeal was filed. The applicant is redesigning the proposed development to conform with the current CC1 – Community Commercial Node Zone requirements and would no longer require a minor variance to the Zoning By-law. In this case no further public notice would be required and proposal would proceed to Site Plan Approval and an Applications for Building Permits. The CC1 Zone permits a range of commercial, institutional and residential uses up to 8 storeys in height.

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