How is my water bill calculated?

    Your water bill has 2 components.  A fixed portion and what we call a volumetric portion.

    1.  The fixed portion is the same amount for every bill.  This amount is charged regardless of the amount of water consumed, even for 0 consumption.

    2.  The volumetric portion is based solely on the amount of water that passes through your water meter.  The more water that is used, the higher the water bill will be.

    How is the City’s levy calculated?

    80% of the tax-supported operating budget are fixed costs and in order to maintain the same services levels, tax rates are increased according. 

    What is the City’s Self Imposed Debt Limit?

    The City’s Self Imposed Debt Limit policy is a policy that has been approved by Council and is complied with each year during the budget process.  The City’s self-imposed debt policy is below the allowable 25% Annual Debt Repayment Limit.