What is the Community Trails Strategy?

    The City of Welland's Community Trails Strategy: Cycling, Walking and City Recreational Trail 20 year Master Plan (Community Trails Strategy or CTS) is being prepared to help enhance connectivity and accessibility of both on and off-road trails initiatives that have been previously undertaken by the City and its partners. The goal of the project is to identify opportunities for several types of trails and active transportation trips including commuting, recreation, fitness, and touring. The project will also aim to provide on and off-road connectivity to popular destinations within Welland and the surrounding area, including regional and provincial trails networks. 

    The City of Welland’s Parks, Recreation and Culture Master Plan (2019) presents a conceptual trails map as part of its recommendations but advises that the City should “Prepare a Trails / Active Transportation Master Plan to confirm the feasibility, costs and potential to work with public and private landowners in order to implement the conceptual trails map”. The CTS builds upon the recommendations found within the PRC Plan as well as other planning policies that have been adopted at the local, regional, and provincial level. The CTS will also support the City of Welland’s overall goals by promoting low carbon transportation options, healthy and active lifestyles, and tourism opportunities. 

    How Can I Participate?

    There are many ways to participate. Join the conversation here by registering on this site and engaging with our online tools throughout the project. Take our online survey and/or attend one of our public sessions. We look forward to hearing what you have to say! 

    Due to COVID-19 public health restrictions on public gatherings, opportunities for involvement will be available online, over the phone, or by mail; however, as public health directives evolve, in-person Public Consultation Centres may be held.  

    When will the Project be completed?

    The Community Trails Strategy will be completed before the end of 2021

    Who is this Strategy for?

    Welland’s Community Trails Strategy is a project for everyone. By coming together to create a trails and active transportation friendly future for Welland, we are working to provide options for healthy, active living and more ways for people to move so they don't have to rely on using their vehicles of all of their trips. This benefits everyone in our communities by helping to reduce traffic, save money, improve local air quality, support local economies and makes travel easier and safer for those who can’t drive, especially children.

    What can Trails do for Welland

    By preparing the Community Trails Strategy, Welland is continuing to work towards providing more transportation options to residents and while also building upon and / or creating opportunities for recreation and exercise. Active Transportation and Trails supports active lifestyles, improves physical and mental health, protects our environment and is fun! Welland is located within an area where there is a significant amount of interest from a tourism perspective. Whether it is the natural areas and attractions or the local businesses and agritourism. Enhanced trails availability complements these priorities and aligns with economic and social interests of local residents and visitors.